2704, 2023

7 Reasons You Should Own Your Website

Renting Versus Owning a Website: Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, and Hibu..... If you are a business owner using any of these services, you may not realize you are actually renting your website and paying a monthly fee for a website that is only yours if you stay with that company. If so, [...]

2502, 2023

Why Are Online Reviews Important?

Reviews are nothing new. People care deeply about getting high-quality services and want to be certain that they are investing their hard-earned money well. Before everyone could access a computer or smartphone to rate services in quantities like stars, people relied on word of mouth, which consisted of people either [...]

106, 2021

Why Every Small Business Needs a Website

No small business owner should underestimate the power of a smooth, aesthetically pleasing website that customers can navigate with ease. Think about it: where do most people turn when they want to seek out the hot new restaurant, the up-and-coming marketing boutique? The web of course! Believe it or not, [...]