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DDelaware Digital Media is privately held company, comprised of talented team members, each experts in their field.

We Know Digital.
Would you want your mechanic to give you marketing advice? Or your fitness coach to replace your door? At Delaware Digital Media, our entire team of professionals works together to ensure your projects success. If your need is SEO, our SEO expert is assigned to your project, if you need a website, our web development team handles your project. All work is done in house with our team, saving you dollars and frustration while providing accountability.

We Give Back.
We are not only experts in our field, but we are active in our community and we are committed to supporting local business and many non-profit missions.

​We do this by offering matching grant donations and special non-profit pricing for all web site design and development as well as free* optimization and enhancement of your local Google presence and SEO practice.

If you are part of or know a 501c3 non-profit, please reach out for a free consultation and audit.

*Free SEO optimization provided with new website, certain restrictions apply. If no website, SEO optimization will be provided for a reduced cost only for eligible non-profits.

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The Magic Formula


You have choices….. So why are we the right solution for you?

We believe the perfect recipe is a mixture of qualities, that when proportioned properly is a powerful combination.

Our team is made up of entrepreneurs.  We are driven, We are dynamic, We are talented, We are passionate, and We are experienced.

Sin City Pleasures

We could not have launched our brand successfully without Delaware Digital Media. They helped us through every step from conception, to site build, to marketing.

Roxxie M., SCP
Black Pearl Pirate Party Bus

Thanks to Delaware Digital Media, I pay almost nothing to advertise my business. Most of my business comes from my exceptional local presence online. I was very pleased with my website, and the local SEO services they provided.

Wilkins Wildlife

My internet presence was a disaster before I started working with Delaware Digital Media. I needed alot of help and other companies failed to do what they promised. I couldn’t be happier with the service I received and SEO work done for me. I recommend Delaware Digital to anyone who wants the job done right.

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